Thursday, 26 April 2012

My Slimpod Journey - Reflections - 6 months in

Month One - the slimpods kicked in almost immediately noticing little changes, not obsessing about food as much, not eatintg as much, not snacking. Little changes were happening daily. My confidence so slowly returning. No longer a stress head.

Month Two - felt major blip - eating all the wrong foods, but looking back I feel I was getting them out of my system so that I could move on.  I mean I wasn't on a diet so I could eat what I liked right? So I did. Gradually eating foods I love high fat gorgeous foods, but gradually in moderation.  This blip or learning curb lasted 6 weeks. I gained 7lb. - Yes I was concerned but I still felt changes so I knew things were happening so continued to find my positives throughout this stage.  I ate peanut butter on toast,I ate bacon sandwiches cos I love them!  I ate family foods we could all enjoy. I ate fish and chips. I enjoyed every morsel as there were no longer good and bad foods. I ate all sorts really. This blip as I called it actually looking back was the biggest learning curb I experienced in my slimpod journey.  I learnt what foods I prefered. Healthy foods. It was a process many emotional eaters need to go through to work out whats right.  This way we are not on a plan, no wagon to fall off, we've made the decision ourselves :) how cool is this?  I loved the new me that was emerging. All my friends could see it too. Yep the scales said FAILURE but my mind said no I'm not!  I had this fight for weeks.

This little stage - so many give up. I do see why the weight goes on we are obsessed by the figures on the scales. We really are. Crazy world we live in because I lose 23.5 inches but only 7lb.  Does this make me a failure then? Just because the number on the scales wasn't moving ??  My dress sizes were dropping, I was healthier, happier, calmer, more positive. So I carried on.. I wanted to see if there was a pot of gold at the end of this feel good rainbow :) I had said all along it had 6 months to prove itself.

I've read it so many times. 'They don't work for me' 'Waste of Money' 'how can a ten min recording work' 'wish I hadn't bothered'  each time I read this it saddens me.  They had no faith they never gave it a chance. I can't help everyone, but these comments are everywhere.  Where if these people have continued doing 'exactly as it says on the tin' they too would be where I am now :) In such an amazing place with food.

Mid January - Time to take control - I reset my goals. My goals were wishy washy, my subconscious had no focus, I was floundering around getting nowhere. I made more positives pod related.  This reinforces with your subconscious that these little changes are steps in the right direction - towards goal.

This turned out to be my turning point.  I set my first goal to get into my size 20 jeans by end of April. I reached my goal 10th Feburary.

I set my 2nd goal to get into my size 18 jeans by end May - today I can do them up but they are a wee bit tight today is 26th April :)

I noticed I didn't like sausage rolls anymore. I had a bite of one, and for 24 hours I felt like i'd sucked on a piece of lard. It was gross.  I couldn't eat fish and chips... all I could taste and smell was grease. I couldn't stand the smell of greasy food. I'd often choose slimming world chips cooked with a knorr stockcube and frylight or olive oil over a takeway and pour a sweet and sour mug shot over the top.  Jackie chips and mugshot or egg and beans got me through several weeks :)

During all the time what I called my diet head kept rearing its head. You should be on a diet, you should be losing weight, you should be eating this you should be eating that. But I kept squishing it.  I just carried on.. my 6 months were not up.

I also started listening to fit pod and walking more :) subtle changes, from 30 mins a day to walking 4-5 miles most days :) I walked 176 miles for lent :)  In April so far I've walked over 60 miles and it would have been more but I hurt my back I continued my walking and Leslie Sansone DVDs but not as much as I have been.  This couch potato who has always says shes allergic to exercise now enjoys it. I've finally found exercise that suits me.  No gym membership , no expensive equipment, two feet and comfy shoes, or bare feet and abit of Leslie ! Can't beat it. In fact I can't wait to finish typing this post to do my new Leslie 2 mile walk!

Around month 4 - I emailed Sandra to tell her slimpods were life changing. I'd seen the light at the end of a very very dark tunnel. I hadn't realised how low I felt until I emerged from it, feeling happy, confident, calm, positive. OMG how positive was I? I felt fantastic. But still hadn't lost weight.  Was I a failure?  Nope the inches were coming off and I had a new relationship with food.  It didn't rule me anymore. It really didn't. For the first time in my life.  I was in control of food. Food was not in control of me!  Liberating.

The rest of my changes are in my blog, but I wanted to summarise the beginning for those thinking 'its not working' for those thinking 'its a waste of money' for those just starting on their journeys.  Whats my advice??

Give the slimpods 6 months of your life to prove themselves

Do exactly as it says on the tin - follow the 3 golden rules they are there for a reason

Find those positives even on a hard day

Set good solid achievable goals

Have faith they work. They do work but each of us has our own baggage. One cannot change ingrained habits over night. Its scientific fact it takes around 21 days... but the 21 days is not the end of it. We can't expect miracles if we've turned to food for comfort, consolation, for years can we? It takes time. We need to learn to eat normally. I have learnt to eat normally. It took me around 4 months. It might take you 1 month, it might take you 5 but it will work if you have faith and keep going.  :)

Would I recommend slimpods? YES! OMG YES! I want everyone to feel how I feel! I want everyone to see theres a light at the end of the tunnel! I want everyone to be normal around food.

I was a binge eater.....notice that word 'was' its gone forever. Good ridance! do I miss it?? NO!!!! I love the new me!

I have just weighed and measured for month 6 - I have lost just over 5lb in weight and a further 5.5 inches. I am now nearly a size 18!  I was a size 20+ top and 22-24 bottom.  I have now lost 7lb in weight and 23.5 inches since 11th January when I reset those goals.

I haven't just gained a smaller bottom, a healthier lifestyle, I am happy.... I am positive.... I feel comfy in my own skin.... my self esteem is not at rock bottom..... I love me! I love the new me! and I don't know about you but I cannot wait to see what the next 6 months bring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

A poditive post!

Things are changing all the time.  I found an old notebook a couple of weeks ago... My weight when my Dad died was 15:10 the same weight I've stuck at since last July. Coincidence? I think not.  Around the same time I had a funny blip. I got on the scales and my weight had gone down to 15:7 excellent! What did I do try to self sabbotage (rollseyes) but I can't binge anymore and I can't over eat so how did I do it? I ate wrong foods, foods I knew bloated me, ie bread, a McDonalds Big Mac as I can still eat them as not greasy... Did it work? YES!

Anyway I sat and reflected on this. How crazy was I?  Surely its time to let go and lose this weight. Afterall I'm losing the inches thats for sure.  My Dad would be proud of me :) So I wrote down in my journal what I had done and moved on.

Well that was just under two weeks ago.  Today I had a sneeky peak at the scales (as you do) and they say 15 stone 5.5 :) so I am 4.5lb down ! and I don't officially weigh until 1st May! as I weigh and measure once a month for my blog :) Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Now I have broken some pretty strong habits while slimpodding.  I am no longer a chocoholic :) I no longer binge :) I no longer graze all day :) I no longer live on rubbish and junk food :)My diet head has gone. I no longer eat crisps :) I no longer like greasy food and takeaways (other than the odd BigMag (giggles)... but the hardest habit of all for me to break was ....

Self sabbotage!

Goodness me its been a toughie, rearing its head at every positive thing that happens, but do you know what I finally believe I have squished it and I'm ready for the next part of my journey :) Its the most amazing feeling to be rid of it it really is :) Its gone forever, good riddance :)

I feel in such an amazing place now. I've eaten normally for weeks and weeks now. Just eating when hungry, making the healthy choice because I want to not because I have to, and most of all, stopping when full.

Its taken me a long time to learn that feeling. To hear that 'full' sign but now I hear it loud and clear I really do. I now for the first time in years and years know the difference between hunger and thirst. I no longer eat through boredom, stress, emotions, upset.... I no longer console myself with food, treat myself with food, or turn to food. Food is fuel, its just food :) OMG how liberating is this :) The loveliest thing is this is long term this is for life now :) I am finally a normal person!  No comments on that bit please :) :) :)

11 days ago I wrote a few mini goals down 

1) to exercise daily again - achieved even with a bad back :)
2) to limit my bread intake to 2 slices a day of brown seeded - achieved
3) to stop the self sabbotage and allow the scales to go down - achieved
4) to eat mindfully at every meal - achieved :)
5) to get into my next goal jeans a pair of size 18 Next jeans - very very very close :)  - work in progress :)
6) to meet a certain lovely person who may visit me - I actually now believe this will happen :)

So my next goal is my size 18 Next Jeans not sure when I will get into them but I will soon :)

Lots has happened. One fantastic change was that before coming
across slimpod I used to be a mega anxious person. Things like
the dentist, meeting people, going out etc etc. I am gradually seeing enormous changes. Yesterday is a prime example. Dental appointment in the evening. In the past this would result in me pretty much climbing the walls with anxiety all day, a nervous ball of anxiety. Yesterday I was calm all day. Got to the dentist and I was still calm, I felt marginally anxious awaiting my turn but I mean a weeny bit, got in the chair and felt relaxed the dentist even asked me if he had the right notes on his screen as hes new and his screen has notes of my terrible anxiety!!! I am guessing the mix of the chillpod and powershower have done this So maybe my fear of meeting new people has gone now too only one way to find out!

I am not saying I would be so relaxed if I needed a filling etc only time will tell!

Exercise - I am no longer a couch potato :) The fit pod really does work. I love my walking and I love my exercise DVD's . I mainly do two miles of Leslie Sansones walking indoors and walk the dog. But I enjoy it :) I look forward to it. In the past with a sore back I'd have used it as an excuse to be lazy but this time I've continued my walking because I want to.

I love my slimpods :) 

Saturday, 7 April 2012


Well Easter is here and I managed 176 miles outof 200. I worked it out that had I not got hurt and had 8 days of no exercise recovering I would have easily managed the 200 miles. :) I am really pleased with that.

I am going to continue the exercise and log my miles achieved each month :)

This couch potato really enjoys the walking and the walking DVDs :)

Talking of Easter - well chocolate :)  I started listening to the Chunky Chocolate Cure
back at the end of October.... Does it work? YES IT DOES!

I had real issues with chocolate and could eat my weight in it !  I went from eating loads, to eating a little, then only eating it when I was due 'time of the month' to not really eating it at all.

This time last year I was replacing and buying Easter Eggs that I'd bought for the kids daily! Flat packing the boxes and hiding them to put out for recycling when nobody was looking  :(  I still find the odd flat packed box now!  This year every egg I bought is still there!

I've just been making cadburys rice crispy cakes with mini malteesers bunnies.  I ate 3 squares of chocolate and that was plenty and to be honest I didn't enjoy it. I think I tried it just to see as not had chocolate since mid February! woohoo!

Sweet Tooth Pod -

This has helped me too.  I was often really craving something sweet after my tea. I no longer get this. In fact I just don't eat anything sweet anymore as I don't fancy it.  I have only been listening to this pod since 22nd March!  I have even not bothered with the yoghurts I was having as they are now too sweet! I haven't touched biscuits, cake, anything sweet, and I had a sip of coke the other day and yack yack yack so sickly. I am really pleased with the effects of this pod as now if I do snack which is mega rare its on fruit.

My diet head no longer makes an appearance :) It has been replaced very much with a 'think about what goes in your mouth head'!!  Its hard to explain but rather than food being a comfort, a consolation, a treat, its now fuel.  Thats it! I can't actually believe I am writing this.  Each meal time I really consider what I'd like to eat. This lunchtime my hubby text to say popping into the chip shop what would you like? My reply 'nothing don't fancy it' (eek) I really didn't want it. I've noticed I no longer hanker over a McDonalds either. Its the thought of the grease :( yack yack yack. So while they ate the chips I had a jacket potato, tiny bit of grated cheese, 4 tiny bits of pepperoni, and a sweet and sour mughshot. I even left some as was full.

At breakfast I fancied porridge so had a plain Oatso Simple, milk, 1 tsp of golden syrup (well a squidge out of the bottle) and a handful of frozen raspberries mixed in :)

Talking of full - goodness I hear that full signal loud and clear now and I listen! I cannot bear that over full feeling anymore :)

I have also realised that most of the time when I thought I was hungry I was likely to be thirsty and I drink far more water, tea etc than I used to. I also realised that I really was an emotional eater. I mean, I consoled myself with food, treated myself with food, made myself feel better with food, everything was about food!  at first I found it hard when I didn't want to turn to food if stressed or upset etc as just didn't know what to do with myself but that quickly passed and I now eat food when I am hungry, just like we are supposed to :)

I almost feel like taking a photo of my old food habits in a day and my new ones. You know like they used to on 'you are what you eat!'  The difference is unreal. In fact I hardly remember what the old me used to eat. I've moved on so much.

I always said no matter what happened I'd give the slimpod 6 months to prove itself.  Well just over 5 months in I feel it really has. I can't wait to see what happens and what I achieve over the next 6 months. Its really quite exciting.

Do I recommened them? YES I DO!

The customer service is second to none. They really care. All they want is for us to succeed.

I can't tell you how liberating it is to know I will never diet again. No good and bad foods. No falling off the wagon and trying to claw it back before the dreaded weigh day! I can laugh at this now but it was obsessive and such a negative cycle really.  ie weigh day, hardly eat as it might make a 1lb difference. Get weighed and binge on all the norty foods, after all it was treat day , weigh day, then of course the following day, so hard to get back on that wagon after a binge, so it would continue into the next day and the next, then suddenly on day 3 I would wake up and think 'OMG its weigh day on..... how can I limit the damage?' so I'd try to eat very little, be healthy, to claw it back, then weigh day arrives and the cycle begins again. Do I miss all this ? NO I DO NOT!

I have no wagon to fall off. I no longer binge. I no longer crave refined rubbish! The pods have totally changed how I feel about food. Whoever thought a binger could sit and say 'food is food' simply that 'food'? (eek) But thats what it is now! I've been known on the odd occassion to forget breakfast as busy or not hungry, or to get to 2.30 and realise I've not had my lunch. This would have been unheard of in the past, I mean food was at the forefront of my mind, I thought about it every second of the day.

Think i've waffled enough, but I seriously feel amazing . My head is in the right place now, just need my scales and my body to catch up with me!

I went from

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

list of positives - 5 months in

1. I smile more
2. I feel positive
3. I am calmer
4. I am happier
5. I no longer obsess about food
6. I can no longer eat junk food. don't want to
7. I no longer want or can eat greasy food
8. I can't bare the smell of greasy food cooking
9. Not eaten choccie since 14/2/12
10. I am no longer interested in sweet stuff ie cakes, biccies
11. I leave food on my plate
12. I make healthy choices
13. I enjoy the exercise I do
14. My confidence returns daily
15. I no longer emotionally turn to food, ie tired, stressed, upset
16. no longer graze all day
17. no longer keep thinking what I fancy to eat all day
18. Can really see my shape changing
19. lost lots from my face
20.I have a waist
21. I like myself
22. I no longer let people get to me
23. no panic attacks
24. no anxiety generally
25. coping better with many situations
26. driving a little
27. no longer self sabbotage 
28 no guilt around food
29 often forget about food.meals until hungry
30 have learnt to say no
31 have no time for negativity
32 I am no longer controlled emotionally by what the scales say
33 I hear the full signal loud and clear 
34 not touched any easter eggs
35 less retail therapy
36 no longer eat leftovers from kids plates or snack while cooking serving up
37 no palpitations anymore
38 not as emotional
39 don't feel drained all the time
40 rings are really really loose
41 no longer snack on crisps since before xmas
42 apologised to Debbie and we now see each other regularly for coffee
43 resisting hot cross buns
44 Sainsburys driver didn't recognise me 
45 people at school noticing the changes
46 no longer rebelling 
47 was in the March newsletter
48 no asthma
49 no longer make up excuses not to take Carla
50 managed a social vet visit with Carla and spoke my mind
51 starting to declutter
52 feel really focused and in the zone
53 first ever period/star week with no choccie or sweet cravings
54 not got a taxi from town in weeks
55 My diet head has gone forever  
56 I no longer analyse everything
57 I no longer binge

phew what a list    

Still seeing changes

Still seeing changes almost daily at the moment.

My eating habits just get better and better. I am chosing the healthy option all the time at the moment.

Just made homemade lentil and bacon soup for lunch and had it with a small seeded chese and pickle sandwich.  I forgot to have breakfast as I was busy and was not hungry (eek).

I am no longer snacking at all. Just don't thnk about it. If still hungry after lunch I have a bananna or some grapes.

I am cooking most meals from scratch and thoroughly enjoying it. Last night was chicken and chorizo paella, a friend's recipe and its absolutely delicious.

I feel the positivity oozing from me. I am leaving food on my plate especially at main meal, even when they are favourite foods.

There is temptation all around me this week, cadburys easter eggs, galaxy chocolate, crisps, cookies, and I can honestly say they no longer interest me :)

I have to say this is the most amazing feeling I've ever had. I feel like everything has finally clicked into place. Yes I took the scenic route, fought the pods, rebelled against them, but I finally feel I've come out the other side, not only healthier, but happier.

I feel my head is so in the right place. Its an amazing place to be. I am eating the healthiest I've ever eaten and the most wonderful part of this is that I am chosing to. I don't have to, I'm not following an eating plan I eat this way because its what I fancy :)

I am so enjoying the walking and will continue it after lent.    My first challenge is to walk 80 miles in April. I am pretty confident I will do this easily but didn't want to set the limit too high and fail.  If I manage this easily I will up the mileage for May :)

I am not touching rubbish foods. I no longer have a craving for them. Even when the rest of the family chose the unhealthy option it does not tempt me.

I feel in such a good place, its so liberating, so exciting. I can't wait to see what happens over this next few months :)


Thought I'd add some of my favourites as I think of them


mashed potato
cooked flaked smoked haddock
1 tsp fresh parsley finely chopped
1/2 tsp chilli (optional)
1 knorr vegetable stock pot
precooked cous cous
beaten egg

mix the mash (I mashed with the knorr stock cube no butter), flaked fish, parsley, and chilli, together

coat with beaten egg

roll in the precooked cous cous

bake on 180c for around 20 mins until warmed through


Chip potatoes (I leave skins on)
put 1 desertspoon of olive oil into a roasting tin
crumble one knorr chicken stock cube into the tin

Toss the chipped potatoes in this mix to coat them. Bake on 200c for around 10 mins, take out and recoat them with the mix which by now has melted a little

Put back in the oven for around 20 mins until cooked

even my kids eat these :) These are my favourite comfort food with a sweet and sour mugshot poured over the top :)  you can make wedges, and roast potatoes the same way :) or even little diced potatoes. The olive oil can be replaced with frylight and works just as well


extra lean mince
1 red onion diced
1 green pepper diced
1 red pepper diced
2 carrots diced
chilli powder to taste
1 crushed garlic clove
2 oxo cube
2 tbsp of tomato puree

dry fry the mince in a frying pan
remove all fat
add diced onion, peppers, carrots, garlic and any other veggies you wish to include
dry fry  for a few mins until onion softened
add water, chilli powder,  oxo cube, puree, and water
Simmer and serve

Chicken Bacon Pasta Bake

2-3 cooked chicken breasts
6 rashers cooked bacon all fat removed
1-2 garlic cloves
1 red onion finely diced
1 carton passatta
250g cooked pasta
grated cheese

cook garlic and onion until soft

mix chopped chicken breast, bacon, cooked pasta, garlic, onions, passatta, together in an oven proof dish, top with grated cheese and bake until warmed through and cheese melted :) I serve with veggies or salad even my kids love this.