Thursday, 28 February 2013

Diets still don't work and I'm still not dieting :)

Gosh its been ages since I last did a blog post :( So sorry. I lost my own blog and kept meaning to find it and sort it all out but life got in the way.

Well I floundered abit, the old diet head kept kicking in, I'd look in the mirror see fat and feel a failure, but I'm not, and I dusted myself down again (I really do get rather dusty don't I!) and I'm back on form.

I realised setting long term goals don't work for me. I become complacent and think 'oh I've got ages yet' and don't really put any effort in. So I set some six week mini ones and I am finding that works well. I think sometimes its the diet head that gets in the way for me with goals. Anyone else find that? Failed so many times afraid to set them?

To me a goal always = fail. Say I'll get to a size or weight for an occassion always = fail. I cannot seem to lose that mindset so setting goals is still abit of sore subject for me even though for many they work. I also think the fact I work to tight deadlines day in day out is a part of it. Keep me busy give me a tight deadline I'm on it, give me months and I become laid back and complacent then I fail. Do you see what I mean? Not sure if this makes sense but it does to me.

I am aware the pods work better with goals as they give the mind a focus. I always remember Sandra explaining this to me months ago. Abit like a cruise ship and the captain and the crew. Give the crew precise instructions and they follow them, with no instruction they flounder. I've been there and floundered a few times. So I have agreed to 6 week goals. So far so good. My aim is to be a comfortable size 18 (again - yes got there in the summer - floundered gained a few inches) by end of March.  I am on target for this :) I can get into my size 18 Next jeans easily. They are a wee bit tight but I could in fact wear them. My size 18 Joe Browns top I plan to wear with them end of March is way too tight and it has stripes that go round so you can imagine the look hehehehehehe. But I will do this :) I will be wearing that outfit at the end of March.

I started up the ttapp again 21st January, and a brisk walk with Carla at lunchtime. I have lost over 11 inches in those 5 weeks ! I am happy with that as its exercise I can fit in around my life style.

I have to share todays achievement.  I am so proud of myself today I went out at lunchtime and briskly walked princess barky knickers. We did a walk I've wanted to do for years but a) never been fit enough b) never had the confidence c) my asthma would have stopped it. Today I did it!

We briskly walked approx 3 miles. From home to the field which is ploughed and huge and we walked right round the edge of it !! Some of it was only a foot round the edge and abit iffy but we did it. Nobody bothered us nothing to make her bark and the sun was out. Shes knackered and I know I did it, but i can't tell you how good it felt. I've often got about 1/3 way round and turned back as not sure where it lead and what path is like and if we'd bump into anything to set her off (hence her name hehehehe) but today i achieved it and OMG it feels good. I haven't found anything to map it with yet as its a field but its got to be two miles or more round the edge as massive and the walk to the field each way was 0.64 miles so happy.

 I really feel I've achieved something today and I walked talk, fast and with a big smile on my face.

I actually feel amazing just from going for that walk. It was a cold sunny day, but I felt fab. I held my head high, I had such a buzz, I felt good, no wheezing, it was amazing. I still feel fab now and I went 4 hours ago :)

I have noticed with the ttapp that some or infact alot of my spider veins have vanished! Also I had a terrible vein in my right leg. Not a varicous vein mind you it hard started to go that way, but a very hard raised lumpy large one.  Its going down alot! Amazing! 

I love the mix of ttapp and the pods. The two of them are brilliant.  The pods really have changed so much for me.  I am normal around food.  I simply eat when hungry and stop when full. I eat what I fancy. I am not dieting. 99% of the time I don't overeat. Occassionally I do but its normally when watching tv, or on the pc, then I feel too full and I hate it. I think in the past that bloated overfull feeling made me happy. odd I know but somehow it was a comfort thing. Now I can confirm its a thing of mega discomfort!  I overate last night and I felt so bloated and sick. It was horrible. I felt terrible all night.  Lesson learnt.

I am noticing more and more that I have more energy, walk faster, enjoy it, smile more and eat more healthily. Tonight I craved salmon, salad and homemade sweet potato oven chips (eek!) it was yummy.  Yet only a few months ago I'd have told you I didn't really like any of those things. I've noticed now that I eat slower and 'taste' my food rather than it not hitting the sides, that my tastes have changed alot. Alot of those high fat high sugar foods taste gross when eaten slowly :)