Wednesday, 26 February 2014

I'm back!

I've felt really blurgh lately and I know its because I've got lazier and lazier. Mainly because I've been so busy and then using that as an excuse not to walk, not to exercise and then it set in.... so today i'm back.

I've found I don't sleep well when lazy. I was awake for 3 hours and in the night again and felt like a zombie when I got up and looked like one too.

a few weeks ago I started MUTU. I loved it even though I am so unfit at the moment but I moved on to the intensive workout too quickly for me and I hurt myself. Totally my fault and lesson learnt. So today I got out the DVD again and did core phase 1. Despite being lazy I found that easier still than the first time I did it so thats a plus isn't it ? :) I then decided to pop my Lesley Sansome DVD on and enjoyed a one mile boosted walk. I wanted to try two but think this time I am going to be sensible and listen to my lazy body hehehehe so I don't have an excuse not to carry on. So one boosted mile done too and I feel so much better for it. Tired but better :)  I now need to move some furniture and hoover before the Virgin Media man comes to swap our internet over.  First step in moving away from 20 years of copyright... scarey? no exciting !!!  Then I can have the old BT line and internet removed next month and move on !! woohoo!! I cannot wait. I need rid of it all. New start :)

So today is my new start. :) I've never stopped podding I just stopped believing in myself for a while and then it became a downhill spiral and I kept clambering out of and falling back in. This time I'm staying up :) I can do it.

It became a cycle of drop a size and shove it back on fast. Like being scared of being slim and to a point I was. My head was so mixed up... Then I noticed the eating 'to feel better' and of course to feel better can be stress, upset, ill, etc etc, so that became a loop too.  I feel I've more or less broken that loop now. its 90% better already so fingers crossed as this is my year! I am determined to stop this cycle and keep going rather than going round and round in the same circle.

I realised way back that for me exercise was key. Yet I'm lazy. Never liked sport at school either.  I think my problem was in my head I was always looking for the 'quick fix' still. Not so much diet but exercise related so rather than going with what I liked I kept trying things I didn't to lose the inches quicker but it was always counterproductive. I didn't put this weight on over night and I cannot expect to wake up a size 10 one day, ie just like that! if I did I'd likely die of shock! So I actually need to make some effort myself.

I do believe we are what we eat. I eat crap well what do I expect to look like? Someone talked of beige food at the weekend.  beige = bad = biscuits, bread, crisps, potatoes, quiche etc etc..... it did get me thinking I do eat stodge, we've fallen back into the takeaway once a week, again lazyness but partly me not wanting to look good.  So now I know what I'm doing I can change it can't I?

One takeaway a week is money we don't have so I need to start thinking of recipes we'll all love, easy to make, but better for us. That won't be hard will it? I mean most things are better for us that a McDonalds or fish and chips :)

Exercise, I hate to admit, makes me feel better. I think in a way for too long 'I didn't want to feel better' I didn't want to be thin.  Yet I set out buying my Slimpod to be thin???? I mean whats wrong with me??  It went back to something big in childhood so now it makes sense why I don't want to look good and its been dealt with, so now I can do this as its not holding me back anymore.  Exercise seems to make me feel better, sleep better, and generally have some energy. So today was day one back on the exercise wagon :) Lets see what exercise I can manage, (sensibly) in March :)

Who is with me?

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Back to blogging!

I am going to try and update my blog regularly again :)

I am still slimpodding :) podding on.

Still a size 18 BUT  changing all the time. Slimpods have been life changing for me. Giving me back some confidence  - a work in progress but little steps soon equal far bigger ones.

I am a different woman to the one who found slimpods back in 2012.  So many things have changed in my life.

My little facebook shop LilyRose has grown and continues to grow :) I'd never have  been able to do this 2 years ago :) I had so confidence in my abilities you see yet now I am successfully taking many orders each week for my hand stamped jewellery and dog tags :) I love love love what I do :)

If you want to look at LilyRose is

My Dad would be proud of me. He was the one who always had faith in me :)

I have started MUTU too but struggling this week as kids are off and hubby, so doing bits when I can and more effort next week when they all go back to work and school.  I've been wearing my new barefoot shoes every single day and gone for a walk and find them so comfortable. I love them. It really is like being barefoot. I've always been one to wander around barefoot so I'm not surprised these suit me.

Prior to them breaking up from school I tried the MUTU first intensive workout !! Oh my goodness the next day I found I had achy muscles. Only just recovered. Think it was the squatting exercises that did it... I think I am going to have to do bits of the intensive one at a time until my poor body can cope !! hehehehehehe

It made me realise how unfit I must be. So although its a 12 week programme I am going to take it a little slower than that and build it up :) I do think its really good though and can see how it will work :)

I have peeled off many layers on this journey and really do feel I am now getting somewhere. I smiled today when I made a healthy sandwich at lunch, grabbed a packet of french fries crisps to go with it. At 5pm the crisps were still sat on my desk!! unopened.  I popped them back in the drawer! I didn't need them! Unheard of... a) to eat a sarnie with no crisps b) not to eat the crisps and follow it with at least one more pack c) to put them back !!  I also had a really stressy day and didn't turn to crisps and chocolate, massive massive step forward for me :) woohoo! In the past food was always there 'to make me feel better'. Of course it never did but I tried to none the less.