Thursday, 28 August 2014

little changes

Yesterday I spotted my jeans in the bottom of the wardrobe. Shoved in as no longer fit as I had gain so many inches on my tummy.  I ummed and arghed and decided to get them out and see just how far i had to go to get back in them.  My next goal pair (again lol)..  I put them on, did them up (eek) and wore them all day comfortably (double squeek!) Back in them and comfy and wore them today too! Such an amazing feeling. So I am back in my size 18 pear shape jeans.

How much weight have I lost? No idea...

How many inches have I lost?? No idea...

What is wrong with me??? no idea hehehehehe. I gave up weighing and measuring as whichever I did became an obsession. I now live each day as it comes making small changes that will become good habits.

My first habit is to do my ttapp a few times a week. I am getting up each morning and doing it and find I want to ! Unreal! Its because I know I feel so so so much better for it and its simply 15 mins thats it. Less is more with ttapp so I don't have to do it every day.

I am trying to do some short walks too. Today we walked to the post office and took Carla at lunch time for half an hour. :)

Little changes , one at a time, so they become lifestyle habits :)

Todays new habit is to drink more water. I am guilty of not really drinking enough so I have a nice glass of water beside me as I work :)

Friday, 22 August 2014


So I set myself two mini goals

1) To do my ttapp each day

2) To consider what I am eating

I have done my ttapp 5 times each week.  I have decided this is achievable for me and I am happy with that. At first I found it such a struggle to make myself do it but now I find myself getting up and on with it as I know I'll feel so much better.

My shape is starting to change. No weight no measurement so cannot be exact but I bought some jeggings before I went away and they feel so much better today, my ankles are thinner and the top I am wearing is loose rather than tight round the tummy so something is happening

Goal 2- I have eaten alot better but the first week I realised my portions are huge again. So I changed the to goal to 'consider what I am eating and listen for the full signal'  I have found this works better for me. I have still served up too much but I am leaving food again so this is all good.

I have craved humous, cucumber and carrot sticks with my lunch rather than crisps too.

I am feeling calmer, slimmer, happier and more confident again so I pod on :)

Friday, 15 August 2014

I'm back!

Had a lovely week at Centerparcs and been back a week today

I enjoyed a little cycle, went swimming lots of times, walking more and generally relaxing and reading other than that

I read 'The Slight Edge' while away and about to reread it as loved it and feel its very inline with slimpods.

I am back to doing TTapp and walking as my exercise. I am a firm believer we must do what works for us not what someone suggests we do. I kept going off the ttapp and trying other things as others insisted i'd do better.. Did I?? No because the other things weren't me :( I hated them so I wasn't ever going to commit was I?

Ttapp improves my posture, helps my back, will help my knees once been doing it longer again, and simply melts the inches

This time I've chosen not to weigh. Not to measure but simply keep going as this is long term and my aim is to be a size 12/14 by beginning of March next year. I am currently a good size 18/20 so lets see what happens.

I chose not to measure as well as not to weigh as whichever I used to chose became an obsession so instead I just keep checking in the mirror to see if I awoke a size 12 hehehehehehhehe Always some way to check eh?

I have chosen ttapp basic workout plus as its around 16 mins everday for 10 days then every other day until I get to a comfortable size then just 2-3 times a week.  If I can't do one tomorrow I won't beat myself up I will simply do one sunday and keep going as some days are harder than others. I have completed my first 5 days today and I'm so proud of myself as each morning i've not felt like it but have to own up I feel a million times better each day for doing it :) am I a size 12 yet? Nope but I can see wee changes already and my holiday bloating is changing shape already :)

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Centerparcs for hubby's 50th 2014

Well I am here.

Last time I was here

I didn't swim
I didn't cycle
I hardly walked
I went to the parc market and bought secret chocolate,crisps etc and ate them while the others were out swimming cycling etc
I didn't sleep
I was anxious all the way here and the whole time
Lived on immodium due to terrible IBS

this year

I've been swimming every day so far
I've been cycling most days and even suggested my daughter and I go cycling today alone and we did !
I have walked everywhere, not saying i'm at my fittest as I'm not but I am happy trying
No anxiety on the way here, we even stopped for a coffee used to be a big no no as I was just so tense the whole journey to every holiday we've ever had
No secret buying or eating. I've even left food at most meals and eaten what I fancied but known when to stop
My kids have kept me awake until 2-3am so far but I have managed to get to sleep afterwards
I am more smiley
I am calmer
I am enjoying my holiday more

When I packed I found my old store of immodium that I never ever take now :) What a massive list of positives already and still four days left!