Friday, 22 August 2014


So I set myself two mini goals

1) To do my ttapp each day

2) To consider what I am eating

I have done my ttapp 5 times each week.  I have decided this is achievable for me and I am happy with that. At first I found it such a struggle to make myself do it but now I find myself getting up and on with it as I know I'll feel so much better.

My shape is starting to change. No weight no measurement so cannot be exact but I bought some jeggings before I went away and they feel so much better today, my ankles are thinner and the top I am wearing is loose rather than tight round the tummy so something is happening

Goal 2- I have eaten alot better but the first week I realised my portions are huge again. So I changed the to goal to 'consider what I am eating and listen for the full signal'  I have found this works better for me. I have still served up too much but I am leaving food again so this is all good.

I have craved humous, cucumber and carrot sticks with my lunch rather than crisps too.

I am feeling calmer, slimmer, happier and more confident again so I pod on :)

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