Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Its weigh and measure day again!

Well officially its tomorrow but as I was up at silly o'clock it gave me something to do!

So in February I have lost a total of 6.5 inches.  This means that since starting slimpod I have now lost a total of 13 inches.  I have also lost inches where one can't measure and my shape is changing.

I no longer have 30 double chins.  My waist is appearing. I have lost alot of back fat (I had loads) now this has gone during February as was still there last month.

My size 20 jeans that I got as goal jeans on 10th February are now really baggy round the waist to the point they work there way down!  I have my size 18's ready but they are too tight still, so this is my work in progress.  But these size 20 jeans have gone from fitting well, very well round my waist, to baggy!

The scales are finally on the move ! and show a 2 lb loss :) Just shows never judge by scales alone or i'd be a failure wouldn't I? And I am not as I have lost 2 dress sizes on the bottom half, one of the top half, I am exercising, I am happy, I am more confident, more and more people are noticing and commenting, so happy me!

Watch this space for March's update :)

Saturday, 25 February 2012

A few more pod ponderings that I want to write down to look back on

This post is really notes and things that I feel I want to share and show people the slimpods are not just about losing weight.

These are a few snippets from my minimins diary from yesterday

Without everyones support I would never have got to this point I'd have floundered given in and put on the weight. I've managed to maintain since July  so anyone want to maintain I obviously do it perfectly  mind you I have lost lots of inches since July and over a dress size so thats good enough for me  I notice things daily with my shape changes so can only assume the exercise and right foods are doing all this. I was like a child the day before last and physically stuck my fingers up and my scales and told they them talk utter carp. Everyone comments how well I look how much slimmer I look, so do my clothes yet they lie, devil they are  I can see that I've lost back fat, my waist is slimmer, my legs are slimmer, no double chins.

I can hand on heart say the scales no longer bother me. Who cares what number they say? I set out to be healthier, happier, slimmer, and live a longer life  I feel I've already achieved all of those so anything else is a bonus and its just not a race. When you get to my age having had 3 kids do I need to be a size 10 supermodel? NO! Ok lets face it nobody would take me even if I was a size ten but you know what I mean. I just want to feel good about me, happy and healthy. I want to live to see my grandkids and enjoy them for many years just as my grandparents did. Not like my Dad who was so unhealthy and missed so much.

so positives

1) I am normal around food for the first time in my life

2) I am enjoying my challenge despite being desperatly tired

3) I have a smaller bum

4) I eat healthy because I want to not because I have to

5) I no longer seem to want choccie, crisps or cake, and IF I have a biscuit its just 2-3 digestives and usually once a week as a top up as a little hungry not just cos I fancy something to eat 

6) I have the bestest friends in the whole wide world 

Well I did something today that I feel good about. About 2 years ago I got depressed. I didn't realise I was at the time but I just couldn't cope with people, certain people more than others, so other than my bestie I backed away and became abit of hermit if I am honest, nobody seemed to notice so it just carried on and on. I upset a few people along the way as they couldn't understand why I just dropped them . But I didn't do it on purpose I was in a dark place and didn't want company. There was one lady and Charlie and her daughter were such good friends and we were. I felt bad but was in my own little world so that was more important. Doing the slimpods lifted that dark cloud and the real Jackie is slowly emerging, abit like someone said a butterfly (more a moth 

The two girls are friends again at school and both very sweet. The little girl is like Charlie sensitive and kind. Well the Mum asked me today if Charlie could go to tea on Monday, so when I'd said yes I walked along a way with her and stopped and told her I need to say something. I apologised. I was honest to the point tears were streaming down my face but I told her the truth. She said shes lost a few friends and when I backed off she was so upset but had no choice but to accept it as I wouldn't give in. She said I've made her day. The biggie for me was that I stood there, took her to one side and did it  A few months ago I couldn't have done that, because if she'd turned and told me to piddle off or worse I'd never have dealt with it, but today I did it, and got a hug for it too  

These pods are life changing. Its like this bleddy enormous puzzle and slowly its pulling all the pieces together 

So its not all about what the scales say. Our shape can change, we can slowly lose sizes without the scales moving. I am proof of that :)  They also seem to deal with so much more. Confidence is one of them. Exercise another. But at a pace we can cope with. I am a far calmer, more positive, happy person and all my friends can vouch for that as they have all seen that moth emerge :)

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

More about slimpod?

I am often asked lots of questions about Slimpod.  So firstly Slimpods can be purchased from  There is also alot of information about them on their website.

I am also asked why slimpod isn't working, why its working for me? My answer to this is usually to check we are doing this right, ie reading the instructions properly and 'doing what it says on the tin'.

There is a fab section about all this here on their website.

The important things are

1) Listen daily

2) Write down 3 positives every day even on a bad day. They will be there if its not been a good day. It helps us to stop dwelling on negatives but also does so much more than that. It helps your subconscious to see whats helping you get to goal, and helps you to see the little changes that are happening all the time

3) set good achievable goals so that your subconcsious has a focus.

There is a fab section on goal setting on their website

Setting goals.  I took my main goal and then broke it into sections.  Then asked myself how I could achieve the first goal.

My first goal was to get into size 20 Next Jeans by Mid March - I achieved this 10 February :)

How did I achieve this first goal?

I chose
1) by eating mindfully - by this I mean eating and enjoying each mouthful , no tv, no pc, no book, just eating.  This way we hear the 'I am full signal' or we learn to. At first its hard but it gets easier

2) to walk for 30 mins a day minimum

3) to listen to my pods daily

4) to commit to finding and writing down my three positives EVERY day no matter what

I achieved my goal and I stuck to all of the above and usually did more exercise than planned :)

So now for my next goal!

My second goal is to get into size 18 Next Jeans for May

Size 16 for July

Size 14 for my 25th Wedding anniversary on 21st November 2012

I found using dress sizes worked far better for me that a number on the scales.  I have gone down over a dress size yet the scales are 1-2lb heavier than when I started slimpod at the moment.  The only way is down now as I eat normally, never binge, chose the healthy option, so its only a matter of time before the scales have to register this, surely?  Also do we carry the scales around and say 'hey look I lost 2lb this week I now weigh......' no of course we don't! People do not see the number on the scales they see our size and shape, its visual :)

So more advise get out that tape measure. I measure once a month.

I was a couch potato. So its all about finding exercise we like. I don't like any so I chose walking, brisk walking.  I then found two exercise DVD's which were 2 mile walks. I have used one of them a few times and the second one is yet to arrive, but all my exercise is, at the moment, based on walking so costs me nothing (other than the price of the two DVDs)

200 miles in 46 days can a couch potato do this?

I have agreed to try and do 200 miles exercise in 46 days!  silly me! But I agreed so now I need to try to achieve this. This is a lady who got out of puff walking up the stairs!  I may not quite manage 200 miles but I am going to try!

I can do a mixture of my exerise DVDs I have two walking ones which are both 2 miles each and walking , oh and the dreaded treadmill which is dusty and being used as a clothes horse.

Today is Day One, day 46 is 7th April.

So day one - how am I getting on?

I did one of the walking DVD's so 2 miles

and just back from a 3  mile walk in the pouring rain and wind with the dog.

So day one I have managed 5 miles!

Day two - managed 2 mile walk to town and back
1/2 mile on treadmill
1 mile on Lesley Sansone Walking DVD

3.5 miles today!not bad considering terrible lack of sleep. I am happy with that. So

191.5 miles to go!

Day Three - step away the inches DVD 2 miles
2.5 miles with the dog

187 miles to go!

Day Four - step away the inches DVD - 2 miles
Lesley Sanson DVD 1 mile

184 miles to go!

Day Five - 2 miles exercise bike
1 mile Leslie Sanson DVD

181 miles to go!

Day Six
2 miles Step away the inches DVD
2 miles exercise bike
2 miles with Carla

175 miles to go!

Day Seven (28/2/12)
4 mile walk first thing
2 miles with Carla

169 miles to go!

Day 8 29/2/12
Today I am desperately tired. Not been sleeping well, BUT I still managed 3 miles :) this couch potato means business

166 miles to go!

Day 9 1/3/12
2 miles step away the inches DVD
2 miles with the dog

162 miles to go!

Day 10 2/3/12
7 miles today! the most I've managed so far

2.5 mile brisk walk first thing
2.5 miles with the dog at lunchtime
2 miles step away the inches DVD :)

155 miles to go!

Day 11 3/3/12

3 mile brisk walk

152 miles to go

Day 12 - rest day :)

Day 13 5/3/12
2 miles Step away the inches DVD
2 miles with the dog

148 miles to go!

Day 14 6/3/12
2 miles step away the inches DVD
1 mile Leslie Sansone DVD
3 miles walking the dog

142 miles to go!  I have to say I can feel all my muscles in my legs twitching after that walk! Real brisk walking, it was lovely

Day 15 7/3/12
2.5 mile walk
1 mile DVD
2.5 mile walk with the dog

136 miles to go!

Day 16 8/3/12
2 mile walk

134 miles to go!

Day 17 -
unable to do any exercise. I've hurt my calf and thigh. Was just my calf but now thigh hurts too. Hoping if I rest up until Monday I can continue?  I accept this puts me back a few miles but if I carry on I risk the injury getting worse.

Day 21 - 13/3/12
managed my step away the inches dvd so 2 miles

Day 22  14/3/12
managed 5 miles in total today :)

123 miles to go !

Day 23 15/3/12
3 mile walk with doggie :)
1 mile Leslie Sansone DVD

120 miles to go!

Day 24  16/3/12
2 mile walk
1 mile Leslie Sansone DVD
2 miles with doggie

115 miles to go!

Day 26 18/3/12
2 miles step away the inches

Day 27 19/3/12
2 miles step away the inches DVD
3 miles with doggie
2 miles Leslie Sansone

106 miles to go!

Monday, 20 February 2012

I feel normal around food!

Just a quick update as not blogged for a week!

A few pod ponderings

1) I went to the shops this morning and bought some sweets and some cadburys. Now in the past cadburys would have been eaten on the way home. They are still there 4 hours later. I do not fancy them, want them or need them! Even in sight of me whole time

2) I am enjoying my walking and my exercise DVD

3) The scales are still my enemy and they are still going up and down 2lb yet my size 20 jeans are looser and gaping at the back of the waist where as when I got into them just a few days ago they were a much tighter fit :)

4)  I no longer console myself with food

5) I no longer seem to have an emotional attachement to food

6) I no longer look in the mirror and feel like crying. I now look in the mirror and see the changes in my shape. I can even see some of the back fat going :) my thighs look less bumpy :)

7) I feel calm and positive

8)  I now feel I eat normally. I eat when hungry, no other time, and I chose the healthy option virtually all of the time

9)   I feel comfortable in my own skin :)

10) Although the scales are still evil, it defeats me how as I eat enough,I eat sensibly etc etc, but I am losing inches so can only put this down to exercising and enjoying it for the first time in my life!

So anyone on slimpod who thinks its not working for them, look back at the changes, get out that tape measure as believe me success cannot be measured by scales alone! IF that was the case then I would have failed too, but I haven't failed because I feel fab, I look better, my shape is better and I am happier !!

Thankyou Sandra and all at Thinking Slimmer :) I have this big grin on my face !

Sunday, 12 February 2012


This very top image was the beginning of my slimming journey weighing in at 17 stone 10 :(  I then lost 2st and 15 inches on slimming world over a year

These two images were taken at the beginning of my slimpod journey. Size 20 top and size 22 bottoms (a large size 22 and its the only pair that fitted in that size!)

This image was taken 11/2/12  No huge differences but I am in a size smaller jeans and top :)  My first goal was to get into a pair of size 20 Next Jeans for March. I achieved that goal 10/2/12 and have worn them all weekend, they are not tight anywhere and fit perfectly.

So far on slimpod I have lost over 13 inches! and over a whole dress size :)

Thursday, 9 February 2012

A couple of things I want to record

A couple of little things I just want to record as to me they were big

Today I met my sister in town for a coffee.  Got to the coffee shop thinking might have something to eat.  Looked at what was on offer all lovely homemade cakes, scones, pastries.  I didn't want any of it! Honestly hand on heart just didn't fancy it so I just had a large coffee.

I walked to town and back and it was sooooooooo cold on the way home, but I warmed up, put on my coat and still took the dog for a walk, bitterly cold :eek:

Honestly in the past I'd have made an excuse not to take her, but and this is the biggie I really love my walks, clears the cobwebs and makes me feel good.

I ordered a pair of size 20 Next Jeans which is my first goal for mid March.  I have one pair in a style not keen on I was going to use for my goal , but this pair in a style thats far more me (ie not low waisted) fit me beautifully!! OMG bottle that feeling. Normal trousers never have fitted me for twenty years. I've lived in stretchy black trousers lol.  So my goal for mid March is to fit in the black next slacks that I have. I can do them up now but wouldn't wear them as way too tight...

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

More reflections

I sat down yesterday and wrote a long list (it would be longer if I could remember them all so I will add to it as I think) of all the changes in me so far.  Before I list them I had to say about food today I am noticing this happening more and more

Brekkie - porridge, milk, golden syrup  - had to leave 1/3rd as was totally full

lunch - homemade lentil bacon soup, a bananna, a shape crumble yoghurt

now tea is the one. Lads have footy tonight so treat night we have bacon and egg baps for tea.  Just as cooking my head says 'cook an sw quiche' so I whipped one up quickly and popped it in the oven planning to have it cold tomorrow as we all love it. I am serving their baps and my head doesn't want them :eek: whats going on here ??? is this me???? I had sw quiche and sweet potato and celeriac chips, loved it, it was lush. I didn't want bacon baps????

I am finding this happening a lot. I made them sausages the other day. The smell made me feel so nauseous I couldn't have eaten them. I am making healthy choices - why? Because I want to!!! OMG how cool is that!

Well last night I didn't sleep, normally no sleep = stress= overtired= eat the contents of the larder, crisp drawer, cupboard, well you can can't you? I mean its fine when overtired isn't it? but guess what? I didn't food choices were all good as above but on top of that :eek: I did 15 mins of an exercise DVD (I'll tell you more about that as I get used to it so I can comment better but so far I like it ) and then at lunchtime I walked 2.5 miles with the dog :) :) normally lazy day - no sleep - no walk - I mean thats what you do isn't it when don't sleep??

Right so for my list of changes so far (more to be added as the list is endless)

1) I no longer reward myself with food
2) I no longer turn to food if stressed, upset or tired
3) I feel so positive its infectious
4) I am so much calmer
5) I am so much happier
6) I no longer graze all day I eat real meals
7) I no longer crave choccie other than ';time of the month'
8) Not had a packet of crisps for over 6 weeks now
9) can smell greasy food and can't eat it
10) exercising more (biggie I was a couch potato)
11) I am enjoying exercise (urgh is this me????? I hated it)
12) I can feel my confidence returning daily
13) I am calmer with the kids, I can remain calm when havoc all around me
14) I am beginning to like myself
15) I feel in control of food. Food no longer controls me
16) I eat smaller portions and stop when full
17) often leave food on my plate
18) no longer finish off kids left overs
19) food is no longer at the forefront of my mind I don't obsess about it all day
20) I am choosing to eat healthily because I want to not because I feel I should
21) I am choosing to exercise
22) Not worrying so much or so anxious
23)less retail therapy to make me feel better because I already feel better
24) more assertive
25)Enjoying walks with my dog whos a scaredy cat, I have my head held high and a smile on my face it seems to be helping her too
26) I want people to feel as good as I do around food
27) Sleeping better generally
28) don't get palpitations all the time
29) I don't say yes to everything if I don't want to I am learning to say no (work in progress)
30)more outspoken
31) feel alive

What more can I say! Its like I have a new lease of life and I am seeing small changes every single day!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Things are changing all the time :)

As the title says things keep changing, or I keep noticing them more !

This really is quite an amazing journey it really is and one with all sorts of surprises.

About 3-4 weeks ago I bought a packet of chocolate eclair sweets the cadbury ones, I ate about half the packet. I felt sooooooooooo sick and I was physically sick afterwards. It was like my body just couldn't accept it anymore (this is a girl who could seriously binge, eat her own weight in cadburys and crisps)

Yesterday a similar thing happened. I was lazy all day, couldn't be bothered which meant I thought about food more. I had my 3 healthy meals but throughout the day I had 2 small slices of victoria sandich and a homemade muffin. Again that sick feeling, and yep, you guessed it I was physically sick again. Just can't stomach too much rubbish or sweet stuff.

I have still not eaten crisps so 6 weeks now!

I can no longer stand the smell of sausages cooking I can smell the grease even on the george foreman and I cannot eat them. They make me feel ill.

The same if the minced beef is not lean enough, I can smell the grease as it cooks yack yack yack

So in answer to my question the other week have I turned a corner? I have to answer YES YES YES!

This journey never ceases to amaze me.  I notice little things daily some silly little changes some bigger ones. I eat healthy 95% of the time because I want to.

I trust myself around food now. It no longer controls me, I am in control.

I can feel more confidence returning slowly too, I feel calm, happy and so positive. The positivity is literally infectious and I find myself trying to help others to feel as good as I do :)

so yet again , thankyou Slimpod, thankyou Thinking Slimmer!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Reflections - Weigh/Measure 1st February

So I started my slimpod journey a very unhappy, unhealthy, size 22 weighing 15 stone 10lb

At the beginning I lost about 4lb but then I put some on going up to 16 stone 1.  I should imagine alot of this was stress when we lost Father in law mid November and me rebelling all time and eating foods I wouldn't normally have.

The scales stuck at 16 stone 1 for weeks and weeks, most disheartening but I continued my journey as determined that this will work for me.

I am glad I did as today the scales show I am now 15 stone 11.5 llb. Okay still above where I started but since mid January when I last measured I have lost 6.5 inches :) Thats just in two weeks :)

I need to work out how to load photos as I have one when I started slimpod and wanted to put one up from today. I am not technical so it might take me a while to work out. But I posted this first photo in my diary last night and everyone can see the difference. I look alive, I look happy whereas before I just looked sad and miserable.

Its been an emotional journey for me and a brave one. Do the slimpods work? will I lose weight? I think I can now answer yes to both of these but AND I MEAN BUT its not just about the scales is it? It used to be. Those bleddy numbers ruled my life, they really did, if I got on and was a few pound down I'd be happy but then think its okay to have a treat because I could couldn't I? I mean i've lost weight so my treat was food. Then if I got on and I had gained and i'd been good all week - what then? Well i'd treat myself wouldn't I with food, because thats what you do isn't it when upset?

I was always treating myself with food. food was almost my enemy. I turned to it when I felt good and I turned to it when I felt bad. Now can someone explain why I wondered why I felt like a fat, frumpy tellytubby! food. I was obsessed with it!

So how do I feel 3 months in?

I am slowly losing weight and slowly changing shape - this is good

I am eating and stopping when full - this is amazing

I no longer graze all day

I haven't had crisps for 5 weeks not interested - I always turned to the crisp drawer stress, boredom, snacking, any excuse really

I only seem to want chocolate when its time of the month and hormonal - this is huge. I used to eat tonnes of chocolate

My rings are so lose I will have to stop wearing them soon

I am chosing the healthy option 90% of the time because I want to, not because I have to , I am chosing to? :eek: I have the odd thing thats high fat but it doesn't matter, it doesn't bother me, its just food, simple

Food is no longer at the front of my mind. i am no longer obsessed

If I am stressed I no longer turn to food

I am beginning to like myself

I feel happy, positive, calm and my confidence is slowly returning

I am in control of food, food no longer controls me now this is an amazing realisation. It feels good.

I hadn't realised how low I felt, what a dark place I was in,until the sun shone through. I feel alive :) I am doing this for my lovely Dad who we lost suddenly in 2005 just aged 60 :( He would be so proud of me.

Thank you Slimpod, thankyou everyone at Thinking Slimmer :) xxxxx