Friday, 7 March 2014

Podding on and changes are happening

Its been up and down lately BUT I am noticing lots of changes that are really amazing. I have had like little head fights, where I'm thinking mmmm fancy crisps, voice in my head 'you don't need them' me, mute that voice, eat them. Its been quite comical looking back as a high percentage of the time I've listened to the voice and moved on. Occassionally I've muted it and eaten ie the crisps but realised afterwards a) why I ate them b) I didn't enjoy or taste them. Interesting.

All my life I've turned to food for everything. But main one to 'make me feel better'. Of course, this can mean stress, upset, ill, anger all sorts of things, so life really did revolve around food.

I have been eating better without really thinking about it 'most' of the time. I'm not snacking like I was, and yesterday was an interesting day.

I felt stressed, migrainy and tearful. BUT not once did I turn to food. In fact I even mentioned I'd looked at the box of creme eggs i'd bought puposely to eat and hide the evidence (yesterday in a small shop) and said 'they won't make me feel better' I then proceeded to put them on the kitchen top for the family to eat :eek!!!: Yes I put them out. Knowing that meant if I had one, two, three etc everyone would know. They are still sat there under my nose and they are not calling me. I was even offered one last night when they all had one and I asked for a yoghurt!

I also noticed when hormonal last week all I wanted was chocolate. Each time I had it its all I craved each day. What I'm trying to say is when I eat rubbish all I do is crave more rubbish when I don't keep eating it I can take or leave it happily!

These are all big changes for me :)

I've been doing MUTU core 1 each day when I can. I know it should be every day but I am doing what I can manage to fit it and enjoying which to me is more important.

I have also take princess barky knickers one two one hour walks this week. We were both shattered after each but think its fair to say we both enjoyed it and will be doing this regularly again.

My stomach is already going down and I'm generally beginning to feel better again and have more energy.

Today I wasn't hungry until just now. I found myself making a side salad (unreal!) a sweet potato as a jacket potato, a teeny piece of brie and some grapes.!  Jacket potatoes were always white ones with butter and loads of grated cheese and quiche. I mean thats a treat. I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch and didn't feel I was missing anything as its what I fancied.

I have a main goal of wearing my size 16 John Lewis knitted dress end in April to a wedding evening reception. That might be pushing it if I'm honest but hey a girl has to set her sights high doesn't she!! Watch this space. Can I do it ?? I'll certainly try my best x

edited to add, changes continue :) I feel I have more energy, I feel happier. Tonight I am making spaghetti bolognese which I love.  Apparently I fancy tonnes of roasted veggies with a little cous cous??? Where has Jackie gone?? I mean stand a peel loads of veg?? choose it over a favourite meal???