Monday, 30 January 2012

Another two good days :)

Well a whole weekend of eating sensibly - to be honest food was furthest from my mind :eek:

I never thought about food until I was hungry. It was like I was far too busy with other things and yet not feeling brilliant I was far from busy!  Normally not feeling well would mean snacking on rubbish but I didn't even think about it and its not until I looked back at the weekend and today and realised what amazing days they have been :)

So have I turned a corner finally - Yes I really do think I have!

For an example food today

breakfast - 1 slice seeded wholemeal bread, olive spread, peanut butter

lunch - 1 slice of seeded wholemeal bread, olive spread, peanut butter, grapes

tea - fresh salmon with cauliflower cheese, and veggies (I had to leave half of it as full up)

I know this is not an exciting day foodwise and I had the same for lunch and dinner but I had my hair done so was in a rush and didn't want to be tempted to eat rubbish so thought better to grab something nutritious and quick rather than risk a sugar drop later.

This is such an amazing difference from even two months ago when I'd have picked at rubbish all day and eaten my meals!

What can I say?  I LOVE SLIMPOD :)

I really feel its giving me my life back. I hadn't realised how low I felt generally until I felt so much better.

I feel smiley and confident and positve and calm - what more could I ask for?

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Have I finally turned a corner?

I think I have :) I hope I have :) Only time will tell.

Saturdays have always been my hardest days food wise.  At home, kids at home, and today I'm not well so i've sat around alot today. That would normally mean boredom, feeling sorry for myself pick at rubbish but today has been different :O

I had a slice of brown seeded and peanut butter for breakfast and a bannana

No thoughts of food at all until about 1pm when I had lunch a jacket potato, tiny bit of grated cheese, tuna, sweetcorn, spring onion and extra light mayo - had to leave some.

Mid afternoon fancied something so small slice of toast and peanut butter :)

Then tonight OH says lazy tea they are having bought pizza... mmmm I ponder shall I be lazy and have one?  Brain reaction yack yack yack what do you want that for !  So then I ponder chip shop next door to pizza... shall I just have chips??? decisions decisions - brain reaction - yack yack yack ???? what is wrong with me.

So I am making slimming world chips coated in a knorr stock cube, and an egg dry fried :)

I have just been offered one slice of pizza.  Would I like just a slice ?  absolutely


and I have missed my exercise today. I've nearly gone several times but I really do not feel well so I am having a day off :) whooooo whooooooooo!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Chill Pod - Power Shower

I felt that I just wanted to post a short post about these two pods :)

I've been listening to the chillpod for around a month and a half now and the power shower for about 2 weeks ish.

When I first listened to the chillpod I was abit negative. ie its very basic how does this work? but I take that back. The more you listen the more you get from it... Not sure how that works but I describe it as a build up effect.  Since starting to listen to power shower too I feel fantastic.  The only way I can describe it is I have this inner calm and feel like i'm sat in a bubble and nothing horrid, negative or stressy can get to me.

I am so chilled with the kids 99% of the time. I won't say I never shout or have a go, because I am not a liar but.... I used to be soooooooooooooooo stressy every morning losing my rag with them as lets face it who wants to repeat 'please put your socks on' 50 times or 'are you dressed yet' a million times!  Now I hear other mums stressing and roll my eyes whoops! I'm like "gosh whats bit them!" in fact my little girl commented on the way to school Monday morning, we are walking alot holding hands and chatting away and all these parents are shouting, moaning and stressing all the way to school and Charlie comments " mummy why are all those mummy's so cross, you're not! "

I love these two pods so much.  I have remained calm through so many things lately even when poorly, and overtired :O

You really do feel like all the negatives of the day wash away :)

Fit Pod

I have been listening to my fit pod now since 11th January. So not that long really.  I am not an exerciser I am a couch potato or maybe that should read 'I was a couch potato' lol.  Don't get me wrong I'm not out running or jogging or anything crazy like that but I have been out for a brisk walk every single day except 2 days since 11th January. On those two days it drove me totally crazy that I couldn't go for a walk :eek: !!

OMG what is happening to me??  I don't mean meander along I mean brisk walk enough to make my thighs etc achey later on :)

The minimum a day is 40 mins but most days I've managed 90 mins :) I am also finding more and more that I sneak the odd 5 or 10 mins of other exercise in :) just little bits, partly to see what I like doing and mainly because I want to!!

In fact I feel really poorly today yet I so want to go out for a walk!

So do I think fit pod works - watch this space! But I would say going by my changes so far that it does !

Update - 2/3/12
I feel I must update this post. Does Fitpod work??? YES IT DOES?

I cannot believe that I now love exercise. So far its been walking, brisk walking, couple of walking exercise DVDs that are 2 miles long, and then recently my 200 miles of exercise challenge for Lent! This couch potato means business.

I managed 7 miles today :) Before I'd make any excuse to not walk the dog, or I'd take her to the park throw the ball, and she'd do the walking. Now we street walk 3-4 miles most days and the least we do is 2.5 miles.  But it doesn't stop there. I will either fit another walk in, 3 miles on the exercise bike, or one of the DVD's. The best part about it is that its subtle.  It doesn't make you want to sprint down the street, it makes the changes slowly. Well you make the changes at a pace you can cope with.  Also I love it. I am really really enjoying my exercise for the first time in my life!

I've recently struggled with sleep, yet even after 3 hours sleep I will walk 3 miles the next morning! Not sure whats happening to me but I love it!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

3 months in

I have now been listening to my slimpod for 3 months.  I have put a little bit of weight on at the moment but....we lost father in law when I'd only been listening for a month and I had a major blip and restarted properly mid December.

I have noticed so many changes in me as a person. My confidence, my attitude to food I don't mind the 3 or 4lb gain as my theory is it soon has to come off!

So what are the changes ?  You may well ask - the list is long

1) I haven't wanted or had a packet of crisps for 5 weeks now! OMG this is a biggie - what were crisps to me? comfort food, food I'd grab if a) hungry b) bored c) stressed. Did I eat one packet? no i'd eat 2 or 3 a day! I don't want them crave them or bother with them at all and theres always loads in the cupboard and I work at home!

2)Chocolate - 90% of the time not bothered by it. I was a huge choccie lover I could eat loads just loved it. Had to be Cadburys.  Now - I still like it. 90% of the time don't eat it and don't bother with it but time of the month well week before and first 2 days I still crave it but nothing like I used to - I would say I was pretty normal now with chocolate :)

3) I am a much more positive person and can see this shining through daily

4)  I no longer graze all day. I eat when I am hungry and mainly just my 3 meals a day and stop when I am full

5)  I can see my waist appearing :)

6)  I am calmer, far far calmer, its like an inner calm, bedlam around me and I remain calm 99% of the time! even with the kids !

7)  I am making healthier choices now because I want to not because I have to

8)  I generally sleep better, I go through phases of awful insomnia and haven't since starting slimpod

9) My confidence is slowly returning

10) I feel happier in myself and I am beggining to like myself

11) I am starting to exercise ... I have never liked exercise (yack yack yack) hated it.  I have chosen walking for now and go for brisk walks. Never less than 40 mins.  Today I clocked up 2 hours!

So I feel the weight and my size has to change now doesn't it?