Friday, 12 September 2014


I am happily wearing 18's all the time. They are stretchy most of the time but every one I have bought is an 18

I have noticed my tummy is going down, my bottom is smaller, my legs etc and all over really.  I have no idea what I have lost in inches or pounds as I am still not weighing or measuring.

My aim is to be in a comfortable size 16 by the middle of November :)

I am regularly doing my Ttapp basic workout plus.  I am doing it around 3 times a week now as less is more with Ttapp and supposed to rest between workouts. It works very very well for me and I am happy that I can see things changing.

I had a pair of Marks and Mpencers stretchy slacks for my holiday at the beginning of August. They were so tight and looked terrible.  My stomach was mooooooooooooooooosive.  I am wearing them now and they are loose all over and totally comfortable.  Also noticed my bra is getting looser so having to do it up tighter.

I have noticed since starting the ttapp again my aches and pains are going. My posture is so much better and I have a spring in my step again. I also find it sets me up for the day, I get more done and feel better in myself. So the plan is to continue doing what I am doing.

I am also making the effort to cook healthier meals again. To stop being lazy around cooking and make the effort :)