Saturday, 22 June 2013

I've put things back into perspective :)

I think watching the Dove advert again and doing the exercise with the mirror has helped me a lot. Some friends read that post and pretty much all of them in different ways told me I seriously don't see what they see. :) These friends have known me at my biggest. At my most negative and they see the changes in me far better than I do.

So I am feeling really positive again :)  I seem to have these little blips but they are usually connected to stress or my perception of myself.

Its funny how we see ourselves. How we are so critical of ourselves yet others aren't.  I think alot of the tiny blips I've had are down to years of dieting.  So the slightest set back gets all out of proportion in my head as I feel I'm failing again when I'm not. Its just for that split second I don't see it.

I've tweaked my new goals as I feel inch loss matters more to me at the moment as I am feeling bloated.  The goals needs to mean something to you for it to be really effective, so its tweaked and I plan to use 2 inches off tummy and 1 inch off my waist by 31st July 2013.

What diets works from the inside out? Giving you back that inner confidence, that glow, that loving the skin you're in feeling when not even yet at target?

What diet helps you to put food to the back of your mind? Every diet I've ever followed has made me obsess about the one thing I am trying not to obsess about - food!

What diet helps you to eat normally again? Eat when hungry stop when full? That's what I do now :) I eat normally. I have a healthy relationship with food.

What diet can stop binge eating?  I was a terrible binge eater. I haven't binged for well over a year now. In fact it was a year at Christmas so well over a year.

What diet makes you feel relaxed?

I feel so good inside so now want to reach my ultimate goal of size 14 this year :) I feel my head is in the right place to achieve this so my long term goal is to be wearing a size 14 outfit on Christmas Day 2013.  I have changed so much in my life.  I can now get on with exercising and chibbling away at the inches left :)

I used to be scared to answer the phone to make phone calls. This week i've really noticed this has totally gone. I've spoken to several people recently who I don't know and I've done so confidently. I used to be terrified of skype, I am absolutely fine with it now, it doesn't worry me at all :)

I used to be rubbish at social media I am now loving it, learning it, and living it hehehehehehe. I am still learning and tweaking but I love it and use it properly :)

I am eating with my family. Not buying in special food as on a diet. I love that. I just happily leave food on my plate once I am full :)

Here's to the rest of 2013.  2013 is my year!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

New Goals

So I have reset my goals. Set new 6 week goals as I have struggled the last few weeks. Kind of lost my focus abit with all the stress I was under. But I've dusted down, giving myself a talking to and ready to hit those size 14 pear shaped linen trousers. Especially as looks like summer will be late this year hehehehehe

I also have a pair of size 14 pear shaped jeans which will be my goal after my trousers as the trousers are wider legged :)


1) I will lose 2 inches off my stomach and an inch off my waist by 31st July 2013

How will I do this

1) I will do core cardio once a week

2) Ttapp basic workout plus 3 times a week

3) Walk princess barky knickers 5 times a week

4)  Try new recipes

5) Drink more water

6) Listen to my pods and find 3 positives every day

Friday, 14 June 2013

At a crossroads - how I see myself

Not sure how many people saw the Dove advert but I thought about it a lot today. I had tears in my eyes the first time I watched it and again today. Why? Because I am so harsh about myself.

If you haven't seen it. Do watch it. Its quite an eye opener. I think this is the full ad

So first off. I need to do this exercise.  I am going to show a photo and describe myself to you. How I honestly see me.

Look in the mirror, What do I see?
This fat frumpy person looking back at me...

She's got a big nose and chunky thighs
Each time she looks she feels sad and she sighs.

She's got a fat belly, and a couple of chins
years of bad eating and counting those syns!

What bought all this on? Why feeling so down?
She got out those scales, got on, then off with a frown ...

Why did she do it? why step on them to see?
She wanted that number to be kinder you see.

A week of feeling fab, clean eating, and more
yet step on the scales and her heart hit the floor.

Why did it matter? her diet head kicked in
and made her feel a failure and fatter not thin!

Yet old Jackie's gone, and new Jackie's here
pass her a tissue to wipe off that tear

She's got confidence, stands tall, is healthier too
Who cares about a number that's staring at you!

Hold that head high, be proud of how far you have come
That number means nothing, scales are just dumb

They don't show the changes, the habits that are gone
the hurdles jumped over, the feeling she's won!

The binges are over, she knows when to stop
the number eventually just has to drop

So why let a number ruin your day
Pop those bleddy scales away!

I see chins, bulges, fat thighs.  I see crows feet. I see a belly that always make me look pregnant.
I feel conscious of what I see.  I want to hide the rolls of fat from others. I want to pretend its not there. Yet I was far far far bigger.

I realised on watching the Dove advert again I don't see what others see.   Its my perception of me. I need to remember how far I have come. The fact I am happier, healthier, fitter, and have that real smile :) What matters more? A number? What others think?  or how I feel?  How I feel wins :) I've never felt better if I'm honest. I exercise regularly. Never over eat. Eat when hungry and stop when I'm full. My body just needs to catch up abit!  I guess at the end of the day I've spent years abusing my body. Feeding it crap. Not moving it. Not doing anything about it other than dieting, dieting and more dieting.  I need to have that word Darin talks of all the time PATIENCE!!!!!