Friday, 6 September 2013

Summer time fun

Gosh not updated my blog for ages now.

I've had a stressful time lately and overridden the pods a few times but I am still podding and seem to be coming out the other side again now. I am noticing what sort of things set me off and trying to deal with each thing.

Extreme stress is one of them, also another seems to be when waiting to hear if someone is happy with something I've done for them. ie waiting on a reply to an email, a pm, if its something I feel i've done wrong, or something I need approval for. This has happened a few times over the last few months, its like I can't bear the wait and nibble on rubbish (but only until i'm full) hehehehehehe. I haven't binged for well over 18 months now. I can't. I can still turn to crap when stressed or its triggered but once full I have to stop. The outcome tends to be I feel lethargic and bloated but don't gain weight lol. So my motto is 'eat crap, feel crap'!

New Jackie has more confidence. Alot more confidence in fact.  So much so that I have been busy setting up my little hand stamped jewellery and memories shop on facebook.

I would never have been able to do this prior to Slimpods. I had zero self confidence and faith in myself.

 I am loving it as its something I am so passionate about.  A friend asked me to make a medical bracelet for her son. He doesn't like to wear one as the official ones are terribly expensive and ugly but she worries as felt he should wear one so I set out on a mission to produce something abit funky for him and this was the result.

I also made a keyring so he had something on his house keys too. On the back of each was his Mum's mobile number in case of an emergency.

Then I made simple tags to go on bags, belts, keyrings etc
Then I became totally stunned by the amount of requests I was receiving to make something unique to each person. Something they would feel happy and proud to wear but served a purpose. I had millions of ideas running around my head.  People loved them :) They were thrilled to have 'normal' jewellery which served a very important purpose for them should anything ever happen. So these two bracelets are examples of more funky jewellery I created.  These could even be made as sterling silver charm bracelets with hand stamped charms :)

Some wanted something even more simple so I made up bangles. At a distance its simply a plain pretty bangle (bangles don't photograph well which is sad as they are far far more pretty and durable than they look)

I also make pretty jewellery too but as I say I've been totally stunned by the amount of interest in the medical jewellery, to me its far better someone wears something they are comfortable with than refuse to wear something which could at some point save their life.

So over the summer LilyRose was born. My hobby turned into something more. Why the name LilyRose? Why handstamped jewellery? 8 years ago I lost my lovely Dad. I wanted a memento. I searched high and low for a handstamped silver bangle. In the end I got one made in the US and shipped over. I bought all the metal stamps and forgot all about them. I struggled to stamp so gave up. A few weeks ago I got a bangle off a lovely lovely lady on fb. It made me want to try again so I ordered more stamps as I've got 8 years ideas in my head! I love making things and I want others to be able to discuss ideas and we make something unique for them too :) I love something abit different so LilyRose was born. Lily was my Nana's name and her favourite flower. Roses were my Dad's favourite flower. 

If you would like to look at what I have been making this is my little page.

The page gives ideas of what can be made but the whole idea is that we make something unique to you.