Thursday, 28 August 2014

little changes

Yesterday I spotted my jeans in the bottom of the wardrobe. Shoved in as no longer fit as I had gain so many inches on my tummy.  I ummed and arghed and decided to get them out and see just how far i had to go to get back in them.  My next goal pair (again lol)..  I put them on, did them up (eek) and wore them all day comfortably (double squeek!) Back in them and comfy and wore them today too! Such an amazing feeling. So I am back in my size 18 pear shape jeans.

How much weight have I lost? No idea...

How many inches have I lost?? No idea...

What is wrong with me??? no idea hehehehehe. I gave up weighing and measuring as whichever I did became an obsession. I now live each day as it comes making small changes that will become good habits.

My first habit is to do my ttapp a few times a week. I am getting up each morning and doing it and find I want to ! Unreal! Its because I know I feel so so so much better for it and its simply 15 mins thats it. Less is more with ttapp so I don't have to do it every day.

I am trying to do some short walks too. Today we walked to the post office and took Carla at lunch time for half an hour. :)

Little changes , one at a time, so they become lifestyle habits :)

Todays new habit is to drink more water. I am guilty of not really drinking enough so I have a nice glass of water beside me as I work :)

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