Thursday, 21 May 2015

A picture speaks a thousand words

How am I getting on?  I am making small changes one at a time and plodding on with my focus being size 18 top and jeans for my birthday on the 2nd of June. It is going well and i'm very focused so here is my journey in photos. Top left me of me yesterday :)

Its all about creating new habits.  Setting yourself up to succeed. All I did was set a small goal. Its easy its achievable and i'm achieving it !  My goal was to walk or do my ttapp each day. I have a choice and 90% of the time I do one or the other. I listen more to y body. What would I like to eat. I simply eat what I fancy and try to stop when I'm full. At first I still overate a little but lately I just stop knowing plenty of food later if I am hungry again :)

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