Saturday, 28 March 2015

Still podding on

I am relaxing into this at the moment

We all have a horrible cold again and I am finding I'm not drawn as much to the healthy choices but having what I fancy but often leaving food and eating less as going with the flow.

I've had the odd bar of chocolate and packet of crisps but seem to have broken my habit of eating several of each ! lol

I feel as if I've lost a few inches and pounds over the last couple of weeks. I don't weigh or measure anymore I just take life a day at a time making long term life style changes bit by bit and I'm happier in the skin i'm in. So a huge step forward

I can look in the mirror and no longer feel disgusted. I see that I can be pretty. I am likeable so all this is good. All big steps forward.

I am so much calmer and happier in general even though I've not slept well with this cold. I've not been constantly eating 'to make myself feel better' either. Just eating when hungry and having the odd treat. Most of the time just having my meals and a bannana in the evening simply because this is what I've wanted.

I feel at peace with myself for the first time in my life. Happy with who I am. So my journey to change my life a step at a time continues :)

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